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2018 EDU: GAME: WW: Teach a concept with a game. A use case for web-worlds.

Teach a concept with a game.  
Discovery learning in web-worlds
How to use a game in a virtual world or web-world to teach a concept.
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concept is an abstraction or generalization from experience or the result of a transformation of existing ideas. The concept is instantiated (reified) by all of its actual or potential instances.

Concept learning objective


  • Learner should be able to recognize instances and non-instances of the concept.
  • Should recognize when the required information is not available.
  • Should be able to seek and recognize the required information when needed.  
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General method of concept learning

  • Present instances and non-instances of the concept.
  • Learner judges instance or not.
  • Feedback is provided, possibly with citation of a relevant cue or clue.

Game episode template for concepts

  • Instructional objective: what does the learner become able to do in concept learning?
  • The learner learns to distinguish between instances and non-instances with few errors.
  • One objective may take multiple episodes (concept learning).
  • Attractor (catches player's attention, via lighting, movement, curiosity).
  • Activation (what the player does to activate the episode).
  • Instruction (tells the player what to do next).
  • Correct action and consequence
  • Incorrect action and consequence.  
  • Score kept and displayed.
  • Track to next episode.

Gamification of concept level, general algorithm  

Game episode, beginner level

Episode: One occasion on which the learner is challenged to take an action.  Performance is evaluated by the action taken.  Feedback is given to specify what action would have indicated excellent performance.  A reward is given or a penalty imposed. 
  • Present test instance (is or is not in concept)
  • Learner makes choice and takes game action. 
  • Game indicates right or wrong and takes game action.
  • Game may give guidance on choice
  • Game adjusts and displays score. 
  • Game offers opportunity for another episode. 

Game episode, intermediate level

  • Intermediate level starts when learner shows mastery at beginner level.
  • Added objective: Learner can give helpful advice to beginners.
  • Add: some test instances may need more information for decision.
  • Learner may click on topics or questions to get more information.
  • Game will evaluate choice of topics and respond with advice.


  • The above gives the underlying structure of the unit.  
  • Gamification can decorate it with a scenario suiting the target audience.
  • The scenario needs small challenges that gain something for the learner.
  • And a final resolution as the learner demonstrates mastery.

Gains on small challenges: suggestions

  • Tokens to accumulate
  • Gates or doors to pass through
  • Increased powers for the avatar
  • Improved appearance for the avatar
  • Get another piece of a puzzle

Add social value to gains

  • Show scores for everyone in class or group.
  • Offer a  pleasure game for winning this game.
  • Pleasure game can be social: owner can invite friends: social value. 
  • Gains go to each team member.

Suggested scenarios

  • Win the sports game.
  • Rescue the princess,
  • Rise through the ranks and take over the company,
  • Take over the kingdom.
  • Get the parts to assemble something

Could you put a game like this into a web-world?   

Not me and not yet

  • CybaLOUNGE does not have test-and-score primitives yet, but probably will soon.
  • 3DWebworldz does not support test-and-score yet, but could.

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