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Nov-Dec 2020   
Invited post by Marly Milena

An invitation to join the Fall 2020 SymMod (Symbolic Modeling) Training Sessions, led by Marly Milena (Niela Miller in first life). for leaders, educators, directors, facilitators, coaches et al who want to use arts-based processes.
Library in the air
Resting on books, a group gathers 
to watch a demonstration of Symbolic Modeling
An invitation to join the Fall 2020 SymMod (Symbolic Modeling) Training Sessions, led by Marly Milena (Niela Miller in first life). This training will consist of 4 sessions, lasting up to 2 hours each. ( a week apart on the same day of the week). The sessions will start after November 11, 2020, and the actual schedule will be determined before the first session, probably via Doodle.  

Marly uses her extensive background in many creative arts, Gestalt therapy and Jungian process- oriented psychology. She has  developed unique tools and methods for an array of Second Life programs. Training in Symbolic Modeling (SymMod) is for leaders, educators, directors, facilitators, coaches et al who wish to use arts-based processes to add insight and new ideas to any subject, process or creative endeavor. For Second Life leaders, this tool opens us to many new possibilities for virtual teaching, learning, problem-solving and exploring which can also be translated into regular work environments.

A symbolic model

At least one personal experience with SymMod is a prerequisite for this training. All participants must attend ALL FOUR sessions and complete the homework, unless there is an emergency, in which case the session will be rescheduled to a time that all can attend. Training will be conducted in VOICE & in English. Please be prepared.  

There is no formal fee for this training, but we ask that you support the ongoing work of the OCTAGON: Creative Exploration group with Linden donations. If you are not admitted to this program and are interested, you will be added to a waiting list for the next Sym Mod Training Sessions. Once accepted you will receive preparation instructions prior to the first class.



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