Friday, July 17, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: #DTA: Teaching with hypertext. JIT learning. Adaptive learning. Active learning

Teaching with hypertext.  
JIT learning. 
Adaptive learning. 
Active learning

How hypertext can provide better instruction than ordinary textbooks.
Not your father's 
old typewriter




Hypertext benefits

Hypertext links 

  • Everyone who uses a browser learns to recognize hypertext links.
  • They are in a special color and, on click, open another web page.
  • In an educational context they usually point to supplementary material.
  • In the section above, the word hypertext has a hyperlink.
  • The link points to a an explanation of what that term means.
  • If Joe does is not familiar with the term, Joe clicks on it and gets the explanation.
  • JIT Learning: The information is delivered just when it is to be used.
  • Adaptive learning: Joe adapts the content to his needs

The old days

  • With an old-style book, I would have put the explanation in a glossary.
  • With an old-style article, I would have put the information in a footnote.
  • The editor would have deleted the footnote, commenting "Everybody knows that."
  • Joe would have stopped there, thinking it was over his head.

Active learning?

  • Passive learning: the student just reads the text.
  • Active learning: the student does something with the content.
  • An online text might include thought questions as hypertext links.
  • Most students would ignore those unless the teacher offered credit for responses.
  • A teacher might have a blog for the class with assigned questions.
  • A DTA could use hypertext links to ask questions and accept responses. 
  • Depending on the questions, the DTA may be able to score them and give immediate feedback.

JIT Learning design


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