Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018 LIB: EDU: Educational communities of the virtual worlds, a database by the Community Virtual Library

Educational communities of the virtual worlds, 
a database by the Community Virtual Library 
Looking for educational communities in virtual worlds?  Here is a database of such communities. Developed by the Community Virtual Library
Educational communities database
illustrative part 

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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


Museums of literary places

  • Belong in libraries:  Explore Seanchai 
  • A project of the Seanchai Library: EXPLORE the Stories Behind the Art 
  • A cooperative project with First World performing arts organizations 
  • Provides educational and dramaturgical programming at an affordable rate.
  • Accessible to a broad range of potential audience
  • Breaking down the barriers of location and proximity. 

Current Areas Available in EXPLORE:

Part of the CVL Story 

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Entertainment in virtual worlds

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