Friday, April 13, 2018

2018 IMA: EVENTS: Event managers looking for talent! Performers looking for work! Look here

Event managers looking for talent!  
Performers looking for work!  
Look here  updated 4/26/2018
Here's the latest IMA (Infinite Metaverse Alliance) project, a list of Hypergrid performers, where they have performed, and how to locate them on G+ or Linkedin (if available).  This is to help the OpenSim Region Owners & EVENT planners to find performers for their events and to help performers get gigs.
Avatars can dance

  • Thanks to Shawn K. Malony for researching this issue 
  • Shawn is still collecting information at Opensim AAM Virtual Performers.
  • If you know of any Hypergrid performers not in this list tell him about them.
  • If you know of  G+ or Linkedin addresses not given as links here, tell Shawn.
  • Bookmark this article.  If we have more information, I will update this page.
  • Some performers may also be accessible via Facebook.  
  • I don't view Facebook as a business address.
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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


Performers on the Hypergrid

From OpenSimWorld

  • DJ Darrow
  • DJ FANTASIA Welcome
  • Dj Gage Dreams
  • DJ Gertie Bumptious 2
  • Dj Johnny Dreams
  • DJ Masweet Bass
  • DJ MaSweets SHACK
  • DJ Mick
  • DJ Phannie SHACK
  • DJ PRINCESS Welcome
  • Dj Rique
  • Dj Rosa Alekseev
  • Dj Samantha
  • DJ Shayna Wulluf Amusement Park
  • Dj Starry
  • Dj Tek Bachman    
  • DJTommy Seetan Bay
  • DJ Wes
  • Dj Zephner
  • Effinjay Island

From HYPEvents

Eventorator on the web



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