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2018 VID: EDU: Teaching Video Production Skills in a 3D Virtual Environment (Master's thesis)

Teaching Video Production Skills in a 
3D Virtual Environment: 
Video Production World is a virtual Island where video production skills are learned and practiced.  It was built by Alberto Ritondo as part of his final project for a Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technology.  Computer-supported instruction.
Part of Video Production World
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The project

The scope of this project was to design and implement a fully functioning virtual learning environment, using sound educational principles, to teach video production skills such as lighting, camerawork, production, editing and organizational skills to interested students, and to examine through review and analysis if a 3D virtual nvironment is perceived as an effective way to teach these video production skills.
Table of contents
  • Well that's what it would be in a book.
This learning environment is tailored to those who have the means to hire a professional, as well as those who have little to no budget and will be expected to execute a professional looking video on their own. This virtual learning environment is for a myriad of learners including the intern, secretary, assistant, manager, teacher, student, business owner, blogger, nurse, doctor, and anyone else charged with the mission of creating video communications. 
A place to practice camera work
  • We can take videos in virtual worlds.
  • The motor skills are different, but the evaluation skills are the same.
  • And, since we can make low cost videos in virtual worlds,
  • the skill at virtual world videography may be of direct value in itself.
Virtual lighting is available
in OpenSim
The study was piloted with two groups of learner/reviewers, a group of professional videographers, and a group of target audience ‘novice’ video communicators. 
Indoor lighting
  • The action skills are different, but the evaluation skills are the same.

The purpose of this study is to discover if an immersive 3D virtual environment and learning experience is perceived by professional and novice videographers as an effective way to teach video production skills. By providing a way for video production learners to see, experience, learn, and situationally engage in the tools and techniques of the trade of video production, Video Production World has been designed with the purpose of providing a unique, scaffolded pedagogical experience, and be much more interesting and engaging than simply two dimensional instruction.


Older Adults considered Digital Immigrants can with some practice become moderately comfortable inhabiting an avatar and functioning in virtual environments. Digital The physical three-dimensional aspects of video production can be taught in a virtual environment with considerable success Beta testing is an important step that this development cycle did not allow much time to accomplish.

Affordances of a Kitely virtual world for instructional research builds

  • Low cost: $15 per month.
  • Accessible by the internet via a computer of moderate cost.
  • Instructional objects can be built and scripted to simulate and give feedback.
  • Incidental objects can be bought on Kitely Market or on the Hypergrid.
  • The build can be saved in an OAR file and stored an negligible cost.

Advantages of computer-based instruction for R&D

  • Fully replicable, not subject to instructor variability.
  • Extensive data collection can be automated.
  • Available to participants on demand, few scheduling problems.
  • Development produces a deliverable product.
  • Product can be duplicated without limit: a valuable product can be monetized.
  • Computer-supported learning


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