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2017 VIDEO: Simple video editing with Shotcut, for virtual worlders

Simple video editing with Shotcut, for virtual worlders
Updated 12/13/2017
Instructions for simple editing of a video file captured in a virtual world.  How to pick out the good parts and put them together in a video. 
Shotcut opening screen
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Five steps

  • Open Shotcut, free opensource software for video editing.
  • Load the video file, make Shotcut full screen
  • Mark clips and save in Playlist
  • Drag clips to timeline
  • Export to MP4


  • You captured video with interesting segments
  • You want to cut it down to those segments
  • And render it in mp4 for upload to YouTube.
  • The raw video file is probably in a folder called Videos

Load the video file into shotcut

  • Start Shotcut, full screen.
  • Open the video folder and drag the raw video file onto the Shotcut screen
  • Click the Playlist button.  
  • You are going to turn those interesting segments into clips.  
Video file loaded

Mark clips and save in Playlist

  • Use the player to find the clips you want to use.
  • When you see a clip, go to the start point and press i (for inon your keyboard.
  • Then go to the end place and press o (for out) on your keyboard.
  • The clip will be marked by a colored bar underneath. 
  • You can move the endpoints with your cursor--
  • Press/hold  the left mouse button on the endpoint, drag it.
  • When the clip suits you, save it in the Playlist.
  • Click the plus (+)  button under the Playlist.
  • That copies your clip to the playlist. 
  • Now you can mark another clip.  
  • Note that when you start marking the second clip, the first mark vanishes.
  • So be sure to save each clip in the playlist.
First clip marked 
and copied to playlist

Drag clips to the timeline

  • The timeline is in the bottom space and appears when you put a clip there.  
  • Drag the clips in the order you want for the video.  
  • If there is a gap between two clips, right click on the gap and click Remove
Clips chosen and 
dragged to timeline

Render and post

  • When you are finished editing, click Files (upper right)
  • Select export.  I export to MP4, 1280x720.  
  • I set my Firestorm viewer screen to capture in those dimensions also.
  • In Firestorm, turn on the Advanced menu in Preferences.  

Export button to render 
as MP4


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