Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 EDU: G+ Communities about education for the virtual worlds

G+ Communities about education 
for the virtual worlds
Updated Feb 26, 2018
Yes for, not in. Not limited to the virtual worlds.  People have interests wherever they go. Virtual worlds are just be one way of pursuing those interests. And they are only available to the people that know about them.  Other people, back in the old world, have also formed communities.  We virtual worlders should talk to them sometime.
  • We virtual worlders all know that virtual worlds offer advantages for education.
  • We can create environments designed for instructional objectives.
  • We can simulate anything in the world and most things imagined.
  • We can bring together learners and instructors from around the world.
  • We can build and program any instructional game one can think of.
  • We can host learning projects with little cost and no risks.
  • -
  • We are not getting that word out to the educational community.
  • Because we mostly talk to each other.  
  • There are many G+ educational communities with general interests.
  • Here I list a few and offer a search link to many more.  
  • I post about education in virtual worlds to these communities.
  • I hope others will do the same.

Education communities in general

Education communities with interests in virtual worlds



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