Sunday, January 3, 2021

2021 #VWEDU: Online PLC: Professional Learning Community. Online is closer than next door. And don't underestimate the flat web.

Online PLC:  Professional Learning Community.  
Online is closer than next door.  
And don't underestimate the flat web.
The online Professional Learning Community has a huge reach.  Every teacher can find other teachers with similar problems.  Any teacher can keep in touch with other teachers with similar interests.  Any school of education can keep in touch with alumni and prospective students.  

Professional learning community online (PLC)

  • The collection of people with interest in learning activities who are connected online.
  • Connected means each person can communicate with some others in the community 
  • Professional means that some have a professional interest in learning activities.
  • And others want to communicate with learning professionals.
  • The community is organized into groups that support this communication.
  • The groups have multiple channels for people to communicate.  
  • Social media, email. Discord, Skype, and blogs are some common channels.
  • FOLC: Fully Online Learning Community

Who would be interested?

  • Teachers supporting online learning
  • Teachers preparing to support online learning
  • Parents who are home schooling or pod schooling
  • Adult learners
  • College students and smart high school students
  • People offering online learning.
  • People in education management


The flat web of the online PLC

  • The flat web carries a lot of information.  
  • If you think of teaching as transmitting information to students, the flat web will do.
  • The flat web can even offer game-based learning
  • Thus the flat web is well suited to the old teacher-centered classroom model.
  • It  is probably even better suited to the textbook-based model.
  • Still, it offers help for home schoolers, pod schoolers, and entrepreneurial educators.

General teacher help

Grade-level teacher help

Online schools

Online jobs for teachers


The online learning community

Meetings and conferences


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