Tuesday, January 19, 2021

2021 #VWEDU: #DTA: Learning how to learn and project-based learning. Learning online can put them together. And instigate evaluated practice.

Learning how to learn and project-based learning.    
Learning online can put them together.  
And instigate practice.
Can't monitor student effort when they work online?  Give them a project and monitor their work.  Use a digital coach to monitor the details.
Small group at work online
  • We are in Germany, Arizona, and Texas
  • But we get to the meeting in less than 30 seconds.
  • We talk, go over the agenda, exchange notes and web links.
  • We do everything we would do in a physical business meeting.
  • If we were students, we could have a DTA to coach us.

Learning how to learn: Can schools teach that?

  • Schools should teach students how to learn on their own.
  • If we had a course in how to learn, what would it look like? 
  • And what would the teacher do?  
  • Start with "What would the learner do?"
  • A psychologist points out: learning occurs with evaluated practice.
  • So to teach: create circumstances that induce evaluated practice.
  • "Read chapter seven."  gives practice in reading, 
  • Most project-based learning can do that.   
  • Because self-managed learning is a project
  • Inquiry-based learning specifically does that.


A scenario for teaching self-management with DTA

  • Start with project-based learning (PBL). 
  • Add: small group project planning and execution.
  • Add: group meetings in a digital environment, with DTA assistance.
  • Group meetings may be done at class time or as homework.
  • DTA acts as representative for the teacher.
  • DTA instigates reflective thinking.
  • Through the  DTA, the teacher requires reports from each meeting. 
  • DTA provides the reporting form or recording. 
  • Recording may be audio or audio/video. 
  • Required reports are about things needed for progress on the project:
  • Objective of this meeting.
  • Reports of progress on action items (by person).
  • Action items for next meeting (by  person)
  • Required reports are also about reflection on the inquiry process:
  • What task did you find easiest?
  • What task did you find hardest? 
  • Did you find a way to do a task more efficiently?  Explain.

Why PBL online?

Active practice rather than passive reading

Practice in goal-directed thinking

Practice work-group skills

Practice in self-management

Practice in learning how to learn


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