Sunday, January 10, 2021

2021 #VWEDU: Virtual Ability, Inc. (VAI) in Kitely. Rethinking the concept of disability. The independent living movement.

Virtual Ability, Inc. (VAI) in Kitely.  
Rethinking the concept of disability.  
The independent living movement.
Virtual Ability is a non-profit corporation that enables people with a wide range of disabilities to thrive in online virtual worlds. Here is its new installation in Kitely
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Accessibility help
  • Contact us at to explore how we can help you make your Kitely build more accessible for all. 
Information panels
  • Modern thinking about disabilities
Disability is not the "problem:
  • Most people who wear glasses don't say, "I have a problem seeing." They say, "I wear/ need glasses." The glasses are a tool.
  • Similarly, people who use crutches don't say, "I have a problem walking." They say, "I use/need crutches." The crutches are a tool also.
Changing the Image of Disability
The Future
  • People with disabilities have been shunned, ignored, or feared.
  • They have been portrayed as:
  • • Helpless victims,
  • • Repulsive,
  • • Heroic in overcoming tragedy, and
  • • Charity cases.
Virtual ability community
Founded in 2007 in Second Life and still active there, we offer peer support and a community enriched with educational, social, and entertainment opportunities. We also work with professionals to conduct evidenced-based virtual world research.
The changes

The movement

Online work has few mobility limitations

Work online


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