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2018 EDU: HG: Education-related resources in Kitely. Of possible interest educators using the new Kitely VPGs

Education-related resources in Kitely.   
Of interest educators using the new Kitely VPGs
These education-related resources may be of particular interest to educators using the new Kitely Virtual Private Grids (VPGS).
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Resilient Innovation Center

RIC is focused is on the identification of Open Content, Open Courses, Open Libraries, Open Software, Open Source, and Open Standards solutions that support mininium costs and barriers to entry, with ease-of-use of cross-platform, industry-specific, community-defined open source viewer and server architecture.

Faculty of Education Palacky University

  • Faculty of Education Palacky University
  • HG address: of Education Palacky Uni
  • "Faculty of Education Palacky University project--Learning Czech language in Czech town."


  • Grammar-Island
  • Closed to Hypergrid
  • "A useful educational reference world for students needing some help with grammar--but who don't do boring."


BreakThru is an initiative sponsored by the Georgia STEM Accessibility Alliance (GSAA), a collaborative effort between the College of Education Learning and Performance Support Lab at the University of Georgia and the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA) at Georgia Institute of Technology.


  • Quayside
  • HG
Quayside base region has a few streets with a gallery and shops, airfields with light aircraft and other equipment, and a waterfront with mainly fishing boats and workboats. There is enough space for trying out boats and planes, some roads and rail track, and a some landscaped hill country.

Virtually Human

Feel free to come explore, or contact us for help with Enterprise or Education Tools, Simulations & Services.


Current Areas Available in EXPLORE:
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Anton Chekhov & The Absurd
  • The World of John Steinbeck **COMING January 2017**

FXual Education Services

My name is Aaron Griffiths and I am the director of F/Xual Education Services.I have worked in online education in New Zealand for the past thirteen years in both the tertiary and private sectors, specializing in the development and implementation of interactive online content. Since 2006 I have turned a large part of my attention to the potential of virtual environments for education and was a major instigator of the SLENZ Project, a Tertiary Education Commission funded project that aimed to delineate and demonstrate to New Zealand educators and students the educational strengths or otherwise of learning in a virtual world

Multiverse Masters

Multiverse Masters, is an evolving adventure-based world for education. I try to remember to make free items I find lying about able to be copied when permitted. If ever you see something that your concerned about please let me know. My goal is to support the opensource community by keeping free resources free and shared. I am currently in a master’s program for learning and teaching in emerging technologies. Creating worlds appropriate and beneficial for younger audiences in the virtual environment will be the eventual outcome and expansion into other subject areas.


The Intracoastal Arts Community supports both the artistic and educational use of virtual worlds.  It is currently the virtual gallery location of artists from the St. James Artisans Gallery located in Southeast North Carolina.  We will be adding more artists work to our galleries in the coming weeks and hope to provide gallery space for local student artists as well.

Marian Island

Marian Island is a four-region space for students and friends of Eileen O'Connor to visit, work within, and enjoy; friendly visitors are welcome too.  It contains meeting areas and a cathedral; locations for acquiring buildings and artifacts; the working space for a middle-school healthcare activity; and more. 

Learn English Network Academy

The Learn English Network Academy is a free virtual space aimed at ESL learners (and teachers). We are a not for profit organisation, registered in the UK.

ESOL/EFL Learning Site

This world is a place where English Language Learners can feel welcome. Although created for the Empire State College - MALET Program, it is on it's way to becoming a collaborative environment that joins with existing Virtual World ESOL/ELL programs and LMS's. 


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