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2019 3VWEDU: #DTA: Seven educational assumptions you can abandon with DTA-supported instruction in a virtual (digital) world

Seven educational assumptions you can abandon 
with DTA-supported instruction in a virtual (digital) world

Having the Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) available as a personalized mentor for the student affords big changes in the way schools work.  
Collaborative planning

Some assumptions 

  • All students learn at the same rate.
  • Students learn best with a hour or 90 minutes of new information at one time.
  • Students have adequate knowledge if they can answer 70% of the questions on the test.
  • You just need to tell students what they should do and they will do it.  
  • Students know how to study effectively and will devote enough time to do that.
  • Students know how to manage their time effectively for study and class assignments.
  • Students know how to cooperate to carry out a project on time.
  • If you believe these, do you also believe in fairies?  


All students learn at the same rate

  • Nobody really believes that, but mass production needs to assume uniformity.
  • Why high schools teach tolerance for boredom and what they can do about it
  • Since we have to teach students in classes, they all have to progress at that rate.
  • Any teaching the DTA does can be at the level that fits the student.   
  • The DTA can work 24/7, has as many copies as needed and has no time limits 
  • The only limitation is how much time it takes the student to learn and how much time the student can spend on learning. 

Students learn best with a hour or so of new information at a time

Students show adequate knowledge by 70% of the test questions.

  • If adequate means passing the test, that is true. 
  • If adequate means using what they are learning, it is rarely true.
  • What job would you hire somebody for if they were going to do 30% of it wrong? 
  • That is the difference between student thinking and breadwinner thinking.  
  • You want schooling to prepare students for more than student thinking.
  • If some students need more time, the DTA can provide it at negligible cost. 

You just need to tell students what they should do and they will do it

  • The Secret of the Instruction Manual
  • Digicoach can support homework in virtual worlds with JIT learning, immediate feedback.
  • The DTA can coach students while they are doing homework.
  • It can ask for intermediate products and sometimes evaluate them.
  • The DTA can always show the products to the teacher for evaluation.

Students know how to study effectively

  • Obviously not, or people would not write articles on how to study effectively.  
  • Of course you can give students some of these articles and tell them to study the articles.
  • I hope you see the humor in that suggestion.
  • The DTA can act as a study coach and talk the through study periods.
  • It can follow them step-by-step, getting and evaluating intermediate products.
  • As with any coach, you would want it to work itself out of a job.   
  • But only when the student is studying effectively.

Students know how to manage their time effectively

  • No teacher believes that.  Colleges offer write instructions in time management.  
  • Without assurance that students read it, much less learn about it.  
  • But DTA can monitor homework time and homework achievements.
  • DTA can monitor daily accomplishments..  
  • It can remind students of what they need to get done and when.
  • Or it can give a suggested schedule and let the students rearrange as they wish.

Students know how to cooperate to carry out a project on time


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