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2018 BIZ: HG: EDU: Themed grids. A grid for each school, community, or business. A fit with HG and VPGs

Themed grids. 
A grid for each school, 
community, or business.  
A fit with HG and VPGs. 

Themed grids flip the marketing

  • Not "come into a 3D grid because you will like it."
  • But "come to this {school, community, business} because of what it offers."
  • "And it offers this in 3D, right where you live--on your home computer."
  • "Even better, you can try out a sample world right here on this web page."
  • "Better than better, we are here to talk to you if you come to our Open Hours."  
  • Bringing OpenSim and web-worlds together: Web-world on the landing page

What changes with the flip?

  • Your target market is not just people who want to try out virtual worlds.
  • It is people who are looking for what you have to offer. 
  • A school offers education.  Studying in a virtual world is an option.  
  • A model railroad community offers news and resources for model railroaders
  • Building and marketing railroads in virtual worlds is a convenient option.

How would a VPG help?

  • VPG=Vitual Private Grid
  • A VPG uses a copy of the software running an existing grid.
  • It has an independent web presence controlled by the VPG owner.
  • The web presence can be on your website. You control the entry path.
  • Its internal operations are isolated as with any other grid. 
  • The VPG owner needs only to manage the user-facing operations.
  • The tech infrastructure is managed by the VPG vendor.
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Who would want a VPG?

  • Educators:  To have control over the entire teaching environment.
  • Communities: To bring people directly into the community on first entry.
  • Businesses:  To have full control over the customer experience on their site.
  • Anyone planning a themed entry path with a web-world on the landing page

What benefits would a Hypergrid connection offer?

  • For schools, the faculty could access the resources of the Hypergrid.
  • Selected people from the Hypergrid could be allowed entry.
  • Instructional content could easily be brought into the school from the Hypergrid.
  • Students could be generally restricted to the school grid
  • Students could be allowed entry to selected Hypergrid locations for field trips.




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