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2020 HG: #VWEDU: Hypergridders: Let's think outworld groups to augment inworld groups: Discord, Disboard

Let's think outworld groups to augment inworld groups:  
Discord, Disboard
Updated 12/29/2019
The end of Google+ cut badly into our hypergrid outworld communication.  It also forced us to rethink that strategy.  If we want to interest new people, we need outreach.  We need channels we can depend on.  Here is one we may want to try out. 

Inworld and beyond

  • Inworld groups make good sense for a closed virtual world.
  • That may be a short term view, because inworld groups stifle outreach.  
  • We virtual worlders long ago turned to Facebook, Google+, and others.
  • More recently we have been using Discord
  • Inviting users to your server in Discord does not seem to be easy.
  • And we did not know how to search for Discord groups--until now. 
  • I am not yet satisfied with what I know about using Discord, so I may update this post.
  • Discord official blog.


How do we find relevant Discord groups (servers)?

Disboard tags

  • A listing can apparently carry tags to help in search
  • Discord servers tagged with education
  • A test search for virtual world.
  • The search feature seems to search tags only, not server names.
  • Maybe it would be good to put a key term from the name in the tags.
  • A big generic tag, such as library, would be useful for discovery in generic searches.
  • To help people find your server a narrower term would be useful.
  • I am using #VWEDU to tag my articles about education in virtual worlds.

Notice settings for Discord

  • Cogwheel, lower left
  • User settings -- Notifications
  • If you turn on all notifications for all servers you may get too many.
  • You can set notifications for individual serves:
  • Right click the server and select Notifications

Servers I think should be listed in Disboard

A web-world connection

  • The closest likely virtual world connection is offered by  
  • It is a button on the right of the screen opening Discord in another browser tab.
  • Discord opens to the server for 3DWW.  You can type in a message if you want.
  • You could announce your presence inworld, as I may start doing.
  • Someone could be running Discord with the "right" settings.
  • The "right" settings= notifications for 3DWW set to all.
  • That person would get a notice of the announcement.
  • If that all works, the connection is much like that of inworld groups.
  • Except that you don't have to be inworld to get the notice.

A connection in hypergrid worlds

  • We can open a web page so we could send the same kind of url as above.
  • We may have to get an authorization code from Discord. 
  • If there is a problem with that, we can send people to the Disboard search page.
  • The connection is just slightly more distant because we have to go to the browser.  
  • Many of us regularly use a browser while inworld, so no novelty in that.
  • And we would be happy to talk new people through the download/install swamp.
  • Talk means in voice--readily available in Discord.

Maybe an aggregator!!

  • Opensim Community Chat and News (You can request a channel for your specific community by messaging one of the Admins.)
  • If many OpenSim communities get channels here it could be the go-to place for OpenSim communities.



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