Saturday, March 23, 2019

2019 PROMO: MUVE event promotion on Mewe

MUVE event promotion on Mewe

Review of some of the services offered by MeWe for promoting and following events.  
My calendar on MeWe
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Example of my MeWe calendar

  • Many OpenSimmers are shifting to MeWe.
  • So it may be practical to promote OpenSim events on MeWe
  • I have a calendar with events I set up and those for which I accepted invitations.
  • I could use that calendar to keep track of events I want to go to.
  • I can set a reminder that I will get if MeWe is open in a browser tab
  • I can invite my friends on MeWe to an event.
  • I can send notices to Facebook and Twitter.
  • I can put a link to an event in my blog.
  • If you are not a MEWe member, you may just get an invitation to join MeWe.
  • Link to My MeWe calendar.
  • Hypergrid communication quest, What we can get from MeWe?

Caution on the MeWe calendar

  • It seems buggy for now.
  • Repeat events may not get the date right.
  • But they may fix that.

MeWe in use now

Grids with event promotion 


  • Gators Rod Diner   Calendar


MeWe and the Freemium model: cautions 

  • Freemium: Starter service is free, but you pay for better (premium) service.
  • Limits on free service may drive you to premium.
  • If you are not paying, you may be regarded as a "freeloader".
  • Limits on free service may be imposed later; the current level is not guaranteed.
  • If you build a good list of followers, you may have to go premium to keep contacts.
  • If you are an entertainer, you may be glad to pay MeWe to host your fan club.
  • But if MeWe has your fan club you don't have it--you just rent it.


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