Sunday, February 4, 2018

2018 PEOPLE: EVENTS: Inspiration Island on OpenSim.Life

Inspiration Island on OpenSim.Life
Inspiration island is doing lots of things right in promoting events.  Maybe that will give you some ideas

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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming

  • Hypergrid address:
  • Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map,  Click Find, TP

Sampler Scene at 
OSL Welcome Point
  • Hypergrid address:
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map,  Click Find, TP
Inspiration  island promotion 
at OSL Welcome
Web-master services offered:
Beginners start here
  • Help for new people coming into virtual worlds (social VR)
Art gallery in a virtual world
Resources for live music in OpenSim
Walkin teleport to Inspiration Island
  • Yes, the above items are in the promotional area next to OSL welcome.
Event calendar for 
Inspiration Island and OSL
  • This is media on a prim.  It is always up-to-date with the web page
  • Every grid with events needs one.  
  • Non-commercial grids may want to collaborate on a calendar.
  • Showing a calendar is a good way to promote events.
  • And it is on the web, promoting to the outworld.
Teleport station at Inspiration Island
Click image to enlarge
  • This is how you get people to the places they want to see.
The Warehouse: Live music events
LIbrary and writer's hangout
Writers' Challenge
  • Pick any two of these and outline a short story about meeting between them.
  • Take the role of one of these and write the reaction that character has to the meeting.


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If you are interested in web-worlds...

Entertainment in virtual worlds

Videos from virtual worlds

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