Saturday, April 8, 2017

HG: EVENTS: Shawn's Hypergrid Events Calendar with HG ADDRESSES

Shawn's Hypergrid Events Calendar 
Updated 11/18/2017
shawnkmaloney Craftgrid made a Google calendar for events on the Hypergrid.  You can add this calendar to your other Google calendars, use it to put events on your own google calendar, or embed the calendar in your blog or web site.  I will make a poster (1 prim object)  for this calendar and give it away to anyone.

    Source calendars

    The following is a list of successful Google calendars of EVENTS for OpenSim.

    It is important that when viewing these PUBLIC calendars, that you realize that they do NOT reflect the time of EVENTS in YOUR time. If you want to see them in YOUR time, you will have to subscribe to them(lower right corner button), and see them in YOUR calendar.

    1. 3rdLifeGrid
    2. IMA(Infinite Metaverse Alliance)EVENTS
    3. KitelyGrid
    4. Metaverse Tours
    5. MetropolisGrid
    6. Nara Malone
    7. OSGrid
    8. Sunbeam Magic
    9. TheEncoreEscapeGrid
    10. Virtual World Meetings,Tours,and Classes Details
    11. ZanGrid


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