Sunday, March 3, 2019

2019 WW: PROMO: Promote your grid or community with something lively on your landing page

Promote your grid or community with 
something lively on your landing page
Suggestions on how to add something to your landing page  that suggests or offers interaction with live people.
Kitely login page
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Kitely login page

  • Active Destinations (People are there or were there recently)
  • Events (Kitely Calendar)
  • New in Kitely Market
  • Kitely forum posts
  • Each of these options enlarges to show more when the cursor is over it.
  • These are helpful to people already in Kitely. 
  • But they are only selling to the sold. 
  • They could also work for marketing if they were on the Kitely landing page.

Something lively


A Twitter stream for promotion

My Timeline

OpenSim Grids on Twitter

  • 3rd Rock Grid
  • "A friendly, stable and secure online 3d community since 2008"

  • Littlefield Grid
  • "Littlefield is an OpenSim 3D virtual world welcoming adults 
  • who enjoy fun, friendship and community in our friendly, supportive environment."
  • -
  • Leighton Marjoram @OutAndProudGrid 
  • "Out and Proud is an LGBTQ+ online community for gaming and collaborative creativity." 
  • -
  • I would like to list more, but these were all I found with search on grid.  
  • Some other grids have listings, but these are not easy to find without grid.
Part of the Littlefield landing page

A live chat button

  • Littlefield's live chat was not really live when we tried it.  
  • But it is still a good idea.

How could you make that work without paying chatters?

  • Set meeting times, preferably same time every weekday.
  • Find the most active group on your grid.  
  • Ask them if they want to talk to potential new members.
  • If they do, ask them for meeting times they can commit to.
  • Maybe they can give times; then you have your meeting times.
  • Make a bot member of the group; put a group chat panel on the landing page.
  • Maybe give the bot a special sound to indicate incoming from the web.
  • Promote the group, the meeting times and the chat panel on the landing page. 
  • Maybe they can't give times; then set up as above, but with no meeting hours.
  • Show available only when somebody in the group is online. 

A live talk button

  • Do the above, but add group voice conversation as an option.

A 3D web-world

Make a simplified sim for export to a web-world

  • Remove nonessential objects 
  • Remove transparencies, such as those for trees. 
  • (Web-worlds have another way to make trees.)
  • Remove/replace sculpties
  • Save to an OAR file 
  • Convert the OAR file for import to  a web-world
  • You can import the converted OAR  into 3DWebWorldz or CybaLOUNGE
  • The dev in either site can help you import and give you the embedding code.

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