Saturday, March 30, 2019

2019 EVENTS: BIZ: WW: Live performances on a web venue: chat with the fan group, chat with the performer

Live performances on a web venue: 
chat with the fan group, 
chat with the performer
You can come to live performances in your browser.  Here is how.
The venue announces upcoming events
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A venue on the web

  • 3DWebWorldz
  • A performer can stream video on the web.
  • web-venue can host multiple performers.
  • A web-venue can host fan clubs.
  • A web-venue can host informal gatherings.
  • A web-venue can aggregate performers.
  • Aggregate performers and you aggregate audience.
  • If you have a good audience, you can sell ads.
  • You can even sell commercial time. 
  • You could certainly sell music tracks.
  • Or give them away as promotion.  
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary

 The audience begins to gather

The audience at a web-venue

How to join in the LIVE MUSIC EVENT

3DWebWorldz landing page
  • You can log in as a guest, without registering. 
  • Or you can log in with your password if you want to make friend connections.
  • You can check upcoming events without any login.
Login, choose destination
  • If  you know your destination, you can go there immediately.
At the Warehouse venue
  • When the performer is ready, a BROADCAST KEY will be posted. 
  • Notice the key location in the screen-shot.
  • When you have the key, click the Live Events button.
  • Enter the key to see the video live stream.
Start the live video stream

    Live performers in 3DWebWorlds

    Performer: James Olmos


    • Yes, you could give a lecture this way if you wanted to.  

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