Monday, March 12, 2012

2013 PROMO: How to muck up your press release

How to muck up your press release
Promotion: The care and feeding of bloggers
  • Got a place/event that you want to promote?  
  • Want bloggers to write about it on the web?
  • Here is how to keep them away.
How to muck up your press release
  • Don't make one.  Just complain that bloggers ignore you.
  • Use a copy of your publicity notecard.
  • Leave out the time or the slurl.
  • Make a press release in good form and send it the day before the event.
  • Don't bother to notice which bloggers post on events like yours.
If you don't want to muck up your press release

Make an explicit press release
  • Head itPress release, for immediate release (or give a release date).
  • Date/time 
  • SLurl 
  • Target audience 
  • Include the items in this checklist: Checklist for promoting your events  
  • Write your copy in the third person.
  • List any items you hope to see covered in the post
  • Include slurls and embedded pictures if they are relevant.
  • All in one notecard so they stay together.
  • Embed a promotional notecard (see checklist above).
  • Use a mailing list of bloggers who post the kind of article you want.
  • Send the press release out two weeks before the event if possible* 
  • Don't wait for full details.   TBD means "to be determined." 
  • Send an updated copy near the release date if hold was more than a couple of days. 
  • Send a final copy when you have the TBD's filled in. 
  • Include any social media support your group will provide**
  • Guest bloggers and press releases  
*Example:  The posting schedule for this blog is mostly filled a week ahead.  If I get something that needs to be posted within the week, I may not have a place for it except in a late night slot.  That is not prime time.   
**Example: "We follow Facebook group A.G.E MUSICA EVENTS SL and will use a like click to promote a relevant post there."
If the blogger sends you a link to the post about your event, post the title and link in any social media you can.  
If you can, post additional information, updates, or corrections in the comments section of the the post about your event. 
If the blogger sends you a BOP poster of the blog, try to find a place to put it where other people can see it. That is good publicity for both you and the blog.


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