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2014 PROMO: EVENTS: OPENSIM: The calendars of the Hypergrid: One calendar to rule them all. Opensim community building

The calendars of the Hypergrid:   
One calendar to rule them all.
Opensim community building.
Updated 5/6/2016
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Calendars of the Hypergrid.  Imagine:  Each grid develops its own Google Calendar.  Then someone combines them into one Google Calendar.  That is posted as Happenings on the Hypergrid.    Now you can easily find events all over the Hypergrid.  Can it happen?  Here is how:

This is just a start:

The tech details are in these articles

    Here is a first effort

    Crystal BrewtonI would like to add the Google calendars of other grids ... so that events can be seen in ONE location ... not just Metropolis events or Kitely events or Crat Grid events .. but Hypergriddable events in one place! 

    Next step: Any grid owner or Grid Chamber of Commerce

    • If you have a grid-wide public Google calendar, put the web link in the comments section of this article.  
    • If your grid does not have one of the above, consider starting one.
    • The tech details are in the articles listed above.
    • If/when I have a few calendars, I will make a combined calendar and post it on this blog.
    • I will  make a (web-on-prim) poster of it.  
    • I will make the  poster available on Cookie II (on Kitely).  
    • Anyone on the Hypergrid can come to Cookie II and pick up a free copy. 
    • The poster will display the calendar on any Opensim grid.

    Needs for the best "Happenings on the Hypergrid" calendar

    • Event names should include the grid name. 
    • Event description must carry the Hypergrid address.
    • Standard form for a hypergrid address, one that works in the world map.

    A word for the YesButters

    Yes, but:  The calendar will get too big and won't have room to show everything.
    Solution Man: We will welcome problems like that.  When the numbers get big enough, we will break out communities of interest and have, for example, the Hypergrid Writers Calendar.

    GCG calendar


    News and Notes

    Events in the virtual worlds  

    Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds. 


    Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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