Saturday, March 16, 2019

2019 HG: PEOPLE: How do I find communities I like on the hypergrid?

How do I find communities I like
on the hypergrid? 
Suggestions on finding communities on the hypergrid that have interests similar to yours.
  • Communities you will like probably have interests that match some of yours.  
  • The communities of the hypergrid are not just in grids.
  • They are also on social media.  That is easier to search.
  • Social media for the virtual worlds (RiP G+). Summary
  • Below: Communities in Facebook and LikedIn with virtual world interests

Finding friends in installed virtual worlds (MUVEs)

Finding friends in web-worlds

Facebook groups with virtual world interests

  • Facebook has its own "virtual world" offering, a cartoon-like game
  • I call the Facebook offering "kid stuff"
  • Below are links to groups in Facebook with virtual world interests


OpenSim general


LinkedIn groups with virtual world interests

  • LinkedIn serves professionals



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