Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 PROMO: OPENSIM: Use a Google calendar to promote events in virtual worlds

Use a Google calendar to promote events 
in virtual worlds
How to use a Google Calendar  to  promote your events.

  • Calendar Creator/Owner: Add event managers
  • Social Media Specialist: Create calendars as a service
  • Event Managers: Post  notices
  • Bloggers: Embed the calendar on your blog
  • Venue owners: Make a poster to display your calendar
  • Readers: send the calendar to your Google calendar
  • Everybody:  Invite friends to the event, 
For How To, read on


  • Google calendars normally adjust the time to your local time.  
  • If you embed a Google calendar in a web page, you can specify the time zone it uses.

Calendar Creator/Owner

Promote with a Google Calendar,  make a poster 

Social media specialists

Offer calendar setup and management as a service

Offer targeted, aggregated and promoted calendars as a service

Pick a theme, such as Hard Rock.  Make an aggregating calendar by combining calendars from calendars by performers.  Promote the calendar (get it embedded in some blog)   Make a poster to display it.  Do this for a number of themes.  Offer to include new clients in the appropriate calendar as a special service.


  Post  notices


Embed a Google Calendar on your blog

Make a poster to display a calendar


Send the calendar to your Google Calendars, +Google calendar, bottom right.
Set reminders for you in your Google Calendar.


News and Notes

Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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