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2018 HG: IMA: Virtual Worlds Fair: Events Venue

Virtual Worlds Fair Events Venue and Kiosk
Updated Feb 17, 2018
Presenting plans to promote events in Hypergrid worlds.  The Event Venue will present available entertainment and support services for entertainers on the Hypergrid.  The Kiosk displays seven ways to learn about events on the Hypergrid. It will be prominent at the Event Venue and available for anyone to take and display.  
Kiosk for Events in Hypergrid
Click the hat for notecard

VWF event kiosk

VWF events venue

  • Objective:  Help people find, and visit Hypergrid events they like.
  • Symbiotic objective: Promote entertainment on the Hypergrid.


    Visit the OSCC fairgounds:

    • HG address:
    • cc.opensimulator.org:8002:OSCC Expo Zone 2
    • Put the HG address in the Find bar of your world map.  Click FindTP
    • Hypergrid Chamber of Commerce


    Suggested exhibit Kiosk

    • Landmark giver 
    • Web page opener to relevant web page.*
    • Relevant Calendar (MOAP as poster)*
    • Notecard giver: description of event* 
    • *These should include HG address in general form
    • General form is like this:  
    • cc.opensimulator.org:8002:OSCC Expo Zone 2
    • Free gift carrying notecard and LM. 
    • Wearable gifts are especially useful for promotion.
    • Teleport to event location. 
    • Be sure your kiosk promotes from above, not just from the sides.
    • Lots of people fly or cam from above.
    • Stores: lose the roof, put a sign on the floor

    Clusters of kiosks by service   

    • Clusters are intended to help visitors find what they are looking for.
    • Promotion:  instruction, web links to instruction, talent agents.
    • Regular events and venues: location, schedule, calendars.
    • Special events: links to web sites that list these, calendars.
    • Outfitters: avatars, instruments:  Links to market place and stores.
    • Music streaming help:  Instructions and servers
    • Available talent: Singers, musicians, comedy acts, game shows.

    Suggestions for venues with upcoming events

    • If you are promoting something, develop your digital savvy.
    • Include a web link to your page and landmarks to your Hypergrid place.
    • Landmarks stay with people, so they can use them later.
    • On your web page, include the HG address to your place.
    • Never depend on textures to offer HG addresses.  They don't copy/paste.
    • Use the general form of HG addresses.   On Kitely, that is in your web page.
    • It looks like this: cc.opensimulator.org:8002:OSCC Expo Zone 2
    • Do not give Firestorm hops.  
    • They only work in Firestorm and are reliable only on the local grid.
    • Do not offer HG addresses that start with http//
    • That looks like a web address, but does not work in a browser.
    • New people will try it in the browser and conclude it does not  work.
    • Mall owners, venue owners, anyone wanting traffic: Your parcel is not my parcel

    Radio sources and methods 

    VWF events venue at OpenSim.Life

    • Bill Blight has generously provided a 2x2 region for the venue.
    • HG address:
    • OpenSim.Life:8002:VWF Events
    • Put the HG address in the Find bar of your world map.  Click FindTP
    • This venue is under preliminary development now.
    • If you are interested in helping to develop this event venue contact me.
    • I am Selby Evans in Kitely or OpenSim.Life.
    • This is a project of the Hypergrid Chamber of Commerce.
    Eventorator at OSL
    Starting VWF Events Venue

    Eventorator in Cybalounge

    • CybaLOUNGE is a user-built 3D virtual place running in a browser.
    • I will build an eventorator there to show visitors events on the Hypergrid.
    • Here is the sign it will have:

    Hypergrid Events



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