Monday, March 18, 2019

2019 BENEATH THE WAVES in a virtual world. An exploration of our less conscious realms (invited article)

BENEATH THE WAVES in a virtual world.  
An exploration of our less conscious realms 
(invited article by Marly Milena
New monthly group will explore our less conscious realms, meeting in the  virtual world of Second Life

To begin on Monday, April 29 followed by the second Monday of each month at 11am SLT for two hours.  The group will go until it comes to a natural end. Our preference would be for you to attend as many sessions as possible but it is not mandatory in order to be in the group. 

This new monthly group will explore the less conscious realms.  Right now, we are staying open about the number of participants since we will not be doing individual work with people so we can design the sessions for any number. PLEASE RSVP to MARLY MILENA before  MARCH 31. Thanks for your prompt response. 

In it, we will learn about, and experience, different aspects of the more intuitive ways of knowing ourselves and others, such as dreams, divination, symbolic art work, and forms of transpersonal and humanistic psychology which explore levels of awareness, spirituality, intuition and altered states of consciousness. We may bring in guest experts to help us explore certain areas .  We will also draw upon the expertise and experience of group members.

We (Sky and Marly) will be acting as organizers and general facilitators of the group and we will also be full participants in it. 

Marly Milena and Scythe Elfenbein (Sky) have been facilitating a monthly group together for four years in SL. It went through a transition a year ago when a few new people joined.  The older group was called EXPLORING YOUR VULNERABILITY.  The newer group was called DEEPER SELVES. This group ended in January 2019.

Marly Milena (Gestalt therapy, Jungian Process Work, artist, composer) lives in New England. She has been in Second Life for eleven+ years.

Scythe Elfenbeim, aka Sky (Integrative Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy)lives  in Yorkshire in the UK, and has also been present in SL for around 11 years.

You will receive a group invitation and guidelines  to this newly formed SL group once you indicate your intention to be part of it.  Notices will be sent to the group  monthly the week prior to meeting where the theme for that group will be announced.

We hope you will join us! Marly and Sky

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