Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2013 PROMO: WRITE: Invited articles and press releases

Invited articles and press releases
  • Why would someone write an invited article?
  • Why would a blog owner post an invited article? 
  • When is an invited article like a press release?
  • How is an invited article different from a press release?
  • How do you handle editing when you are accepting an invited article?
  • Do bloggers pay for invited articles?
Why would someone write an invited article?
  • Some do it for adequate pay.  But they aren't reading this post.
  • Some have something to tell an audience and don't have a blog of their own that reaches that audience
Why would a blog owner post an invited article?
  • The author can provide content of interest to the audience
  • The author has authority that adds value to the content
When is an invited article like a press release?
  • When it caries news that the author wants to publicize
  • When the news is about an upcoming event
How is an invited article different from a press release?
  • An invited article is written in copy ready form (one hopes)
  • An invited article carries a byline and may be in the first person
  • A press release is written to let writers select, organize and rewrite the content
  • An invited article starts with an inquiry to one or a few bloggers
  • A press release is distributed widely on a-use-or not basis
I can't speak for other bloggers, but I welcome press releases that relate to topics I post about*.  I consider them for use and use some as leads for publication.   I also welcome invited articles  on the same basis, but expect writers to contact me before they write.  If they have already written, they are welcome to send me the finished copy for consideration. 
*See a list of topics here:
How do bloggers handle editing with an invited article?
  • Up to the blog owner
  • Minor editing is common and done without seeking author approval
  • Editing of sentences and paragraphs may call for author approval
  • Blog owner can pull an invited article on author request
Do bloggers pay for an invited article?
  • Not without prior agreement
  • Not for occasional posts
  • Not for posts that are like press releases


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