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2018 PEOPLE: EVENTS: Virtual Worlds Fair, Event Venue in OSL. Promote Hypergrid events

Virtual Worlds Fair, Event Venue in OSL  
Promote Hypergrid events
Plan for event promotion at the Event Venue of the Virtual Worlds Fair.  Performers, agents, venues, event managers and outfitters are invited to place kiosks promoting their offerings.  Instructions are given as to how to get authority to place the kiosk and where.  
VWF layout

VWF events venue

  • Objective:  Help people find, and visit Hypergrid events they like.
  • Symbiotic objective: Promote entertainment on the Hypergrid.
  • Virtual Worlds Fair: Events Venue

VWF events venue at OpenSim.Life

  • Bill Blight has generously provided a 2x2 region for the venue.
  • HG address:
  • OpenSim.Life:8002:VWF Events
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of your world map.  Click FindTP
  • This venue is under preliminary development now. 
  • Exhibitors will have rez rights for the area.
  • If you are interested in helping to develop this event venue contact me.
  • I am Selby Evans in Kitely or OpenSim.Life.
  • This is a project of the Hypergrid Chamber of Commerce.


Promotional kiosk design

What is a promotional kiosk?

  • A single object.  Portable and replicable.
  • Shows its story outside where everyone can see at a glance.
  • Tells its whole story briefly.
  • Provides links to more of the story.

What's in a promotional kiosk?

  • Call to the target audience: picture/graphic and/or catch phrase.
  • Be sure the target audience will know you are calling to them.
  • Promotional content: Why your target audience should be interested.
  • Pictures or web links to sample content or previous work.
  • Follow me links: blogs, fan groups.
  • Action links: How people can get what you offer.
  • Links may be web links, HG addresses, or Landmarks.
  • Gift to keep:  Gift gives links on click.
  • Contents embedded in notecards can't be accessed on other grids.
  • Kiosk should be phantom unless it has to be solid.
  • You probably want to make kiosk full-bright.

Kiosks at the VWF venue

Clusters of kiosks   

  • Clusters are intended to help visitors find what they are looking for.
  • Promotion:  instruction, web links to instruction, talent agents/agencies
  • Regular events and venues: location, schedulecalendars.
  • Special events: links to web sites that list these, calendars.
  • Outfitters: avatars, instruments:  Links to market place and stores.
  • Music streaming help:  Instructions and servers
  • Available talent: Singers, musicians, comedy acts, game shows.

Kiosk placement

  • To place a kiosk, you have to be a member of the managing group.
  • The managing group is FWV Eventers in OpenSim.Life
  • For an invitation to the managing group, contact: 
  • Selby Evans, Kitely
  • Jamie Jordan, OpenSim.Life
  • SingerGirl Mode. OpenSim.Life 
  • Bill Blight.   OpenSim.Life 

  • The Entertainment Venue is a 2x2, so plenty of room.
  • The center is at 256x256.
  • For the present, we will not assign areas to exhibitors.
  • There will be one builder group with rez authority in the build areas.
  • Placement will be on the honor system for now.  I hope it can stay that way.
  • Tall Kiosks okay but need to be farther from center.  

Suggested Kiosk contents

Suggested talent kiosk

  • Web-sender to performer's web site and live stream
  • Webs-sender to agent's web-site
  • Landmarks to frequent venues: box or content giver
  • Performer's calendar: MOAP
  • Performance details and availability: Notecard

Suggested promotion kiosk

  • Kiosk is by agent offering promotion services.
  • Promotion may be offered to both performers and venues
  • Agent's web page and/or blog: url
  • Agent's featured venues: Notecard with HG addresses
  • Box with landmarks to featured venues
  • Agent's calendar* of events: MOAP
  • Agent's services: Sign and notecard with url
  • *An agent may have multiple clients and thus a busier calendar.

Suggested regular events and venues kiosk

  • For each event or venue:
  • Web sender to event web page
  • Web sender to relevant G+ communities and other social groups.
  • Box with landmarks
  • Notecard giver: HG address, how to join notice group 

Suggested special events kiosk

  • Special kiosk: promoting the event: pictures, and graphics
  • Notecard givers, notecards with promotion, HG addresses, web links
  • Landmarks, boxed or with "give inventory" script.
  • Web-senders to event page and to  Google communities promoting the event.
  • Special kiosks may remain after the event if they offer content about the event. 
  • Content may be videos, articles, or archives.

Suggested outfitters kiosk

  • Outfitter is someone providing costume, instruments, etc.
  • Sign promoting outfitter's offerings.
  • Web link to online market source (like Kitely Market)
  • HG address to store location(s)

Why would a performer have an agent?

  • Agents have aggregated calendars and so can get more attention.
  • Agents can know more about promotion outlets and other resources.
  • Agents can have busy social media outlets with multiple performers.
  • Agents can know more about venues and their needs.



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