Friday, November 30, 2018

2018 PEOPLE: HG: Social Media: Discord may meet some OpenSim needs

Social Media:  Discord may meet 
some OpenSim (MUVEe) needs

Updated 12/30/2018

What Discord can do to replace G+ services.


Discord--Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers

Discord attributes

  • Ephemeral: messages not easily found after a  few days
  • Serves ingroup communication
  • Organized as a collection of communities.  
  • Works well for informal community discussions.
  • Supports voice.
  • Discord is already in use among opensimmers and is considered useful.
  • You may find communities of interest on discord if you look.
  • You join a community by getting an invitation link from the community.
  • See invitations below the break

Who would be interested in Discord

  • Working groups collaborating on a project. 
  • Reporters and publicists focussing on a particular topic. 
  • Close-knit community needing support for informal chat. 


Discord communities I am in

Important attributes for OpenSim users


  • Ephemeral: not easily found after a  few days
  • Persistent:  easily found after several months 
  • Archived: easily found after several years


  • Ingroup :  Communication within an existing community
  • Outreach:  Communication to people not previously in contact

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