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2018 MUVE: EDU: WW: Communities online in 3D. Meet the MUVErs

Communities online in 3D.
Meet the MUVErs

Online MultiUser Virtual Environments (MUVEs) are becoming widely available as tools for social media, education and organizations.   The delivery system has been by a company hosting many interconnected MUVEs but an alternative is emerging to allow communities or organizations to manage their own themed MUVES while the technical work is managed by a technical company.

Walking tour of a building

Online MultiUser Virtual Environment (MUVE)

  • Virtual environment: Simulated 3D space created in a computer
  • Online MUVE: A MUVE accessed over the internet.
  • Community: Group of people with common interests and shared goals.
  • Communities usually have a place where they get together.
  • As social media has developed on the web, that place can be online.
  • A themed online MUVE can offer a place where people get together.
  • They get together, represented by human-like figures.
  • In a simulated place representing their common interests (the theme).
  • They talk about their common interests, share information and make plans.

Who would be interested?

  • Educational systems: Online education expands capacity.   
  • Companies: Meet customers where they live.  Meet workers where they work.
  • Service organizations: Confer with clients while working from home.
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Why use an online MUVE?

  • We already live in a MUVE. That's where we meet people.
  • What do we get from meeting people online?
  • -
  • We can meet people more easily and more often. 
  • We don't dress up.  Our digital representatives are already dressed.
  • We don't travel so we save time and gas.
  • A one-hour meeting across town will take at least two hours, counting travel.
  • Some of the people we really want to meet may live thousands of miles away. 
  • An online MUVE is as near as your computer.  
  • Easy on distance workers.
  • Easy on people working at home.
  • And it is easy on people with mobility limitations.
  • Some MUVES can even be reached in a browser on a tablet.  
A small meeting in a MUVE
  • These people (MultiUsers) are in several places in the US and Europe.  
  • But it took us less than a minute each to gather in this meeting.
 Some people like unusual outfits
  • The spacesuit was not relevant to this meeting.
  • But in a lecture on the surface of Mars, it would be appropriate.
  • In that lecture, the surface of Mars would be the Virtual Environment. 
  • That is an example of a themed MUVE. 

Where are themed MUVES offered?




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