Monday, November 19, 2018

2018 WW: TECH: 3D scanning and animation with a smartphone. Can we bring that avatar into a web-world?

3D scanning and animation with a smartphone.  
Can we bring that avatar into a web-world?

Video demonstration of a smartphone that can scan a 3D object and render it as an animated digital 3D object.   How hard will it be to bring that into a web-world or a virtual world?

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This video is part of a series that shows you how to use free and open source software to do drone mapping and 3D scanning. In this video we will us a cell phone to 3D scan a rock just by taking pictures from all angles. See the other videos in this series to learn how to use OpenDroneMap to process your images into textured mesh, GEOTiff and other formats. Also to convert your 3D model to HTML format that can be used on a website or viewed with a browser


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