Saturday, November 24, 2018

2018 EV: PEOPLE: Kitely Halloween dance in pictures. Virtual Halloween: easy for creatives

Kitely Halloween dance in pictures  
Virtual Halloween: easy for creatives 
Virtual worlds are haunted by creatives on Halloween.  We make our appearance to be as we please.  We make our places to suit our imaginings.  We make or buy what we need to create what we imagine.    
Halloween dance at 
Kitely Welcome Center
  • Did you ever see a mecha dancing?
  • We can have any avatar we can imagine.
  • And my avatar can dance even if I can't.
  • And I can turn on daylight to get pictures.
  • Host: Rosa Alekseev

    The strangelings gather 
    on the dance floor
    • Not strangers--we are all friends
    • But strange-looking friends
    • And we chat in text all the time.
    Some of us are tiny
    • But we change size at will
    • We are not stuck with just one body.

    A visitation of angels

    • The gilded ball teaches avatars to dance
    • Angels on Halloween?  
    • Well, you have to take your angels where you find 'em.
    A monster, too
    • No greasepaint needed.
    Some of us look sort of normal

    A friendly ghost 


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