Friday, November 16, 2018

2018 LIB: EDU: Cybersecurity. Why use a MUVE (virtual world) to teach security?

Cybersecurity.  Why use a MUVE 
(virtual world) to teach security? 

Internet Security Specialist, Erik Moore, demonstrates training for cybersecurity in a MulitiUser Virtual Environment (virtual world) with demonstration threats in a simulated data center.

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Why Virtual?

  • Any place that needs security is reluctant to admit a group of strangers.
  • A virtual world is available for practice all the time.
  • Students with mobility limitations are not impeded. 
  • An unsupervised group can enter for a practice security review at any time.  
  • Risky conditions that would be cleared from a data center can stay in a virtual world.
  • Training places can be scripted to give hints or feedback.  
  • Multiple training sites can be created as needed.  
  • All sites are local (in the computer) for the learners.  
  • Test places can be secured from prior access and produced as needed.
  • Test performance can produce recorded results.
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What other instructon might benefit from these ideas?

  • Instruction about places that are remote, dangerous, or expensive to visit.
  • Instruction by tutors with physical limitations.
  • Instruction of students in remote and distributed locations.
  • Instruction for students able to benefit from self-managed learning.  



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