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2018 PEOPLE: Social Media: YouTube cannot replace G+. But it can do some things better: Outreach

Social Media:  YouTube cannot replace G+. 
but  it can do some things better: Outreach
Updated 11/16/2018

YouTube is second in popularity among social media. Since it presents videos, it does well at carrying interesting events from the virtual world to the world of the internet browser.  Current tools make it easy and fast to move an event from video capture to YouTube.


  • One billion hours of content being watched on YouTube every day. 
  • The website is ranked as the second-most popular site in the world.
  • YouTube (Wikipedia)
  • A video shows what we see in a MUVE (virtual world).
  • It thus shows a concrete few minutes of our digital lives.  
  • We can make multiple YouTube channels showing our favorite activities.
  • We can spread the presentation further by embedding the video in a web page.
  • I put a video in my blog whenever I find one I think will be of interest to my readers.
  • #socialmedia  #virtualworld  #MUVE  


Other channels 

What activities would make good videos?

  • A video for embedding should be 3 to 7 minutes.  Never more than 10 minutes.
  • Music, but it may be removed if it is under copyright.  
  • Brief conversations about a topic of common interest.
  • Discussions with artists about their work (especially installation art)
  • Artistic performances by the artist.
  • Dancing (if varied enough).
  • Add more suggestions in the comments,

Videos from virtual worlds: tools

Replacing G+



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