Monday, May 18, 2015

2015: ART: BIZ: My first edition: first bronze art work from the virtual worlds

My first edition: first bronze art work 
from the virtual worlds
Art and business?  Sure, if there is money involved.  This is a statue, initially cast in pixels.  In virtual worlds, artists work in pixels.  Then the art went to China as bits over the internet.  Then 3D printing as plastic.  Then transformation into wax.  A ceramic coat to handle molten bronze. Then melting temperatures to lose the wax.  Finally molten bronze to replace the pixels.  It finally became a "real" statue.  
"Shattered"  in Bronze
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News and Notes

"Shattered" side view
  • How do I know this is the first bronze art work ever cast from virtual worlds?
  • I don't. If it is not the first bronze art, I am sure someone will tell me. 
  • Shapeways is printing other artwork in 3D. 
  • But this art is quite like the traditional bronze casting.  
  • The art is new, the artistic medium is new.
  • But the final result is just like bronze casting has always been.
  • Maybe it will be valuable someday.  
  • Just like those dime comic books that were left behind when we moved.
  • A memorial to the early days of digital.
  • Back before everything went digital.   
  • Back when digital was still considered "unreal."  
  • At least by the old folks.

News and Notes 


Matthew Broyles 11AM PST TheMatthewShow Returns!
Texas to New York and back again. Matt's keen observations are only matched by his musical abilities. Matt brings you originals and covers, marching to a drummer unlike that of most other artists in SL. Feel the beat.

Joe Rizzo 12PM Joe makes me feel like I'm in Golden Gate Park or strolling down Haight St. when all the tourists have gone home. His style draws on so many elements while remaining rooted.


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