Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 PEOPLE: COMEDY: VIDEO: Jamie Jordan at Lauren's Place

Jamie Jordan at Lauren's Place
Mobility limited, housebound, paraplegic, crippled--cringe terms, all of them.  We don't want to think of those terms.   Housebound seems so limiting.  Or it used to seem so limiting.  That was before the internet.  Before email, before Skype, before virtual worlds.   The worlds of the internet are as near as your computer. Your friends are in your headphones.  And listening to your microphone.

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News and Notes


Jamie has cerebral palsy.  That ruins the control of your muscles, but does no harm to the rest of your brain.  So Jamie can still be smart enough to make videos.  And manage ad campaigns.  And even write a blog post.  He just can't drive himself to work.  
-Lots of people are pretty much stuck at home.  I am.  Sort of voluntarily, as I explained in a previous article.  The point I made there was that I find so much to do in virtual worlds that I don't really have time to go gallivanting around in real traffic.  
-In my virtual worlds, traffic is no problem.  I can teleport to places I want to go.  I am 30 seconds away from anywhere I want to go.  And from any person who is online.    And (important for men of my age) from the real bathroom.  
Jamie tells his story here:  Bringing the arts to the masses

News and Notes


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