Saturday, August 17, 2019

2019 BIZ: #VWEDU: A place for people (you) to design gardens. Or other places. No lifting. No digging. Concentrate on placing and seeing the result.

A place for people (you) to design gardens. 
Or other places.  No lifting. No digging.  
Concentrate on placing and seeing the result.

A system to design any kind of layout (where you arrange things for attractive appearance or other purpose.)  The objects are supplied as inventory.   The user selects and places them.  Learners can practice placement.  Designers can do rapid prototyping.  Customers can see the planned layout before they approve it.

Go there

  • Web link: Garden Palettes
  • Closed to Hypergrid (use a Kitely avatar)
  • Firestorm Hop (In Kitely paste in the address bar of Firestorm viewer, enter.)
  • hop:// Palettes/44/254/22

What can you do there


Garden design and where to learn it

The things you need are already there

A garden grows in Kitely
  • Use the computer next to the garden spot to sign in.
  • Click on the 'sign in' button and sign in
  • Click the same button to log out when you are done.
You sign in here
  • No password, no typing.  
  • Kitely knows your avatar name and gives it to the parcel/
I signed in

Load resources

  • If the garden and the surrounding circle are clear, you can load things from the computer.
  • If there are things in the garden or on the periphery, you can move them.
  • Select:  Left click the object and and hold until it lights up.
  • Place: Click where you want to put it.

A bluebird sings

 More birds on the periphery

Even mushrooms
  • The red one looks like Amanita muscaria.
  • Maybe toxic, maybe hallucinogenic. 
  • There could be more mushrooms, supporting a course on mushrooms.


  • A useful viewpoint for seeing the whole development

Uses of the system


You will wonder what this is

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  1. :) This is Ramesh, thanks for sharing this info Selby. Just a note from me to say that the new systems we have worked on are a major improvement from the above. It's far more user friendly and far more powerful. We will be talking about it very soon.

  2. I look forward to reporting on the new system