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2019 WW: 3DWW2: events, animated avatars, under development, experimental concerts, entertainment on the web

3DWW2: events, animated avatars,  
under development

3DWebWorldz experiments with live entertainment on the web.  People attend as avatars. The audience may chat with the performer in txt.  3DWebWorldz brings the concert to you, wherever you are.
 Part of 3DWW screen 
showing performer
  • The inset is a live-stream video from the performer's studio.
  • The video carries video, voice, and music.
  • You can drag 2D insets to where you want them on the screen. 
  • Access to the stream is by an event code given in the location.
  • People copy the code into the event panel to make the connection.
  • The stream may also be available on the performer's web site.
  • Sonya Jevette (search)
  • 3DWebWorldz  
  • Web-worlds (in general)
  • Find out about events in 3DWebWorldz:  


Of course we talk to each other

 Part of 3DWW screen
with audience conversation
  • Voice is off but we use local chat.
  • That is one of the advantages of a virtual world for events
  • Your friends can be there, too.
  • If you tell them about it.
 Some avatars are dancing
Click image to enlarge
  • We can animate our avatars so they dance.
  • Or just have the avatar clap.
  • HOW DO I MOVE?  Keyboard: Arrow Keys or WASD.
  • Touch or Mouse:Use the round onscreen joystick or the Navhud Buttons.
  • Navhud is a 2D inset with arrows to move your avatar.
Navhud is in the middle 
Click image to enlarge
  • Instructions in the orientation room
A variety of avatars
  • As you come in, you will need to choose an avatar.
  • The selection is limited now, but will increase.
Dancing avatars
  • Click one of the numbered buttons across the top of your screen.
  • You may need to close your bottom toolbar (double green arrow) to access your dance hud.
  • The dance buttons may become optional.  Then you would click something to get tnem,
More dancing avatars.  

LizAday concert

Another 3DWW event
Another view of the dance floor
  • There are many different options. On your nav hud there are two camera buttons.
  • CAMS BUTTON:Toggle this button for several camera views attached to your avatar. When your avatar moves, so will this camera. Moving while using this camera setting will also stop your dance animation.
  • ORBIT BUTTON: The camera is disassociated from your avatar. Scroll wheel to zoom. Left mouse button to click and drag. Using this camera setting will not stop your avatar dance animation.

3DWW makes concerts easy

  • If you have the Internet, you can join us and attend the show. 
  • If you have questions, you can ask them in live chat.
  • If you have requests, you can ask for them in live chat.
  • Both the performer and the webmaster are usually reading live chat.

Any connection with education?

  • Many high-schools, colleges, and universities teach music as performance.
  • They need to produce performances for practice.
  • For a web performance they don't need an auditorium.
  • And they can have a world-wide audience.  
  • In a web-world, they can talk with people in the audience. 
  • Not just from the stage, but one-on-one.  
  • Some musical performance teachers may see that as a learning opportunity.

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