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2014 SEE: BIZ: Gardens and homes. The decorator story. And how it could become a business.

Gardens and homes.  The decorator story.  
And how it could become a business.  
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  • Beautify your home or garden
  • Market your interior decorator services.
  • Market your garden design services.
  • Show a room or garden, before and after.
  • Show a room or garden  makeover.
  • Include products for sale.
  • With arrangements from the product sellers.
  • To compensate you for advertising their products.
  • Could somebody make a business out of that?
  • Has somebody made a business out of that? 

And now a word from the Yes-butters

Yes but

  • That would take a lot of work.
  • That would cost a lot of money.
  • That would take a lot of time. 
  • That project is too big.  
  • Can't be done.
What is behind the sofa?

Send in the Entrepreneurs 

  • Carol's style,  Home sweet home!
  • Look close.  Those are not of real places.
  • The pictures are done in a virtual world.
  • They look like something from a magazine.
  • The products are virtual products, marketed in a virtual world.
  • But they could be replicas of real products.
  • The pictures could show real products in attractive uses.
  • The pictures could help market the work of an interior decorator.
  • The pictures could help market "real" world products. 

Why do this in a virtual world?

  • You could rent a real house.
  • You could rent real furniture.
  • You could hire real movers to put things where you want them.
  • You could pay real money to do all this.   
  • And it would run into real money!

How would you start?

Research the market

  • Linkedin has over 15,000 groups related to interior design.
  • Look for some that might like what you can offer.
  • Join some and post about what you do.

Begin promoting your work

Could you offer services that would be useful to an interior designer?

  • You can build a model of a design in the planning stage.
  • You can get pictures from any angle, along any sight line.
  • You can easily move things around.
  • You can easily remove, add, and move walls. 
  • You can easily remove, insert, and move windows.
  • You can make walk-through videos presenting what the visitor would see.
  • You can show the client through the virtual interior.  

Could you make a video showing what you can do?

  • Is there a local group of interior designers (ASID) that might watch your video?
  • Is there a local school  that teaches interior design?  Would they watch your video?
  • Is there a local school  that teaches architecture?  Would they watch your video?


News and Notes

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  • Prizes (in Lindens)
  • 10,000L 1st place
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  • 2,000L 3rd place


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