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2015 EDU: GAME: Puzzle pictures: Party game? Educational game? Mastery quiz? Quest?

Puzzle pictures: Party game?  
Educational game? Mastery quiz? Quest?
A virtual world makes it fairly easy to create static scenes that depict things that are educationally important in some contexts.   Outside of school, people often like to answer quizzes. And people will pay money to solve mystery stories and to complete quests.  Could we use virtual worlds to make quizzes and quests for educational purposes?
Historical scene
Click image to enlarge

Learning objective

Check your knowledge of history

  • What period is depicted here?
  • Who are the people sitting on the thrones?
  • What characters are out of place?
  • Are those large spotted cats out of place?
  • What is the bird on the banner?
  • What do the letters SPQR on the banner stand for?

Check your internet search skills

  • If you don't know all the answers to the questions above:
  • Use any internet resources to find the answers.
  • Score yourself:  If you know all the answers, give yourself 100 points.
  • For every internet search you do, deduct 5 points. 
  • Use your internet smarts to design your search.
  • Use your powers of deduction to make the best use of what you find.
  • Some searches will answer more than one question.
  • Alternatively, you may be timed and get more credit for less time.
  • (More after the break)

News and Notes


    Epulaeryu Short Poetry Workshop-Tue, 9/8, 7pm SLT 

    This week the Short Poetry Workshop presents a new form – the Epulaeryu, which is a poetry form about food. This 7 line poem has 33 syllables in a structured layout ending in an exclamation point!




      Model for creating instructional content for flat web or to 3D.

      • This model results from an idea I had while on Hypergrid Safari.
      • The scenes had potential educational content.  
      • The content could be used as pictures on the flat web.
      • Or it could be be used in 3D immersive form.  
      • The flat form could serve as cursory or introductory presentation.
      • The 3D form could be used for more detailed or extensive presentation.  

      Model for a quest

      • Find things that don't belong in the scene.
      • Find things with specified term in their name (language learning)
      • For language learning the term may be written or spoken.
      • For language learning, the quest is in groups, speaking the target language
      • Each correct find could get you a prize or a bit of useful information in your quest
      • An incorrect choice might get you a correction, and a sneer from the sneer master.
      • You also might get a bit of incorrect information (which takes more smarts to use).
      • This quiz could be done on the flat web.  
      • Use a big picture, click on an area.
      • On the flat web, it could be available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
      • In a 3D world, it would require a desktop or lap top.
      • But the instruction could be more extensive.
      • And could go into specialized instruction about the subject(s) depicted.

      From the YesButters:

      • Yes but people could cheat by having someone else take the test for them
      • ----------
      • Computer Identification can to support money transactions.
      • Finger prints, retina prints, facial scan, voice ID.  
      • And if you think there was no cheating in the old world.
      • You are more into fantasy than virtual worlds can ever match.

      Do people, once out of school, like to answer quizzes?

      Pub quiz

      pub quiz is a quiz held in a pub or bar. These events are also called quiz nights[1] or trivia nights[2] and may be held in other settings. Pub quizzes may attract customers to a pub who are not found there on other days. The pub quiz is a modern example of a pub game. Although different pub quizzes can cover a range of formats and topics, they have many features in common 
      I recall quizzes--tests-- from my school days.  They did not attract customers.  What was wrong with the way the school system did it?  Could online educators do it in a way that attracts customers?  Would instructional units designed to attract customers actually sell, now that online customers have a choice?
      The dancers are NPcs
      • The dancing girls would go over big with the boys.
      • But not with the administrators.
      • But if you build the scene, you can leave out the parts that would cause trouble.
      • And put in the parts that fit your instructional objectives.
      Another world, another scene
      Click image to enlarge
      • Another time
      • Maybe  history
      • But it would still give practice in web research 
      • Would tomatoes be out of place here? 
      • Careful. Not all the evidence you need may be available in the scene.
      • The scene was not constructed for this question.
      • But it could have been.
      Does the architecture tell the place?

      News and Notes


        The Hypergrid WIP Show

        The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress or recently completed. All builders from beginner to pro are invited.  Presentations are in voice and text.  For text presentations, best bring the text in a notecard and paste it into chat.  Voice presentations may be captured in video.  Stills and videos from the show may appear in this blog. 
        • HG address: Put the line below in the world map, next to Find. Click Find.  TP.
        • grid.kitely.com:8002:Cookie II
        • In Kitely: put the line below in the Firestorm nav bar, enter
        • hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/77/373/22
        • Upcoming WIPs: Sept. 20

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