Friday, July 19, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: BIZ: Education builds skills. Skills are assets. Assets are marketable if you can show them. Your portfolio shows your skills.

Education builds skills. Skills are assets. 
Assets are valuable if you can show them.  
Your portfolio shows your skills.

A portfolio (or at least a vita listing publications) is the mark of a professional.  Colleges should be teaching portfolio development and maintenance.  More than that, they should be publicizing the portfolios of their graduates and upcoming graduates.
The Empty Classroom
  • What does a classroom have to do with your professional portfolio?
  • Trick question.  You don't put class notes in your portfolio.
  • Your portfolio fills with things you did.  
  • And you probably did them elsewhere.
  • That's why I show the classroom empty.  
  • The students should be out doing things.
  • And creating record of what they do:  That's what makes a Career portfolio

Portfolios and online presence


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