Friday, August 9, 2019

2019 NEW: Considering virtual worlds? Considering Hypergrid? Here is information you may want

Considering virtual worlds?  
Considering Hypergrid?  
Here is information you may want

Virtual worlds are readily available and (on OpenSim) at low cost.  For some areas of interest, there are existing communities that can help you get started.  For example, there is a large and active educational community.
Dancing at 
Kitely Welcome Center

What does it cost?

  • Nothing if you just want to meet people and look around
  • Nothing if you just want to try building. (There are free sandboxes for that.)
  • Sandboxes in Kitely
  • Probably nothing if you want to start with a place of your own. 
  • (Free rental places are often available.)
  • And there are rental places at a few dollars.
  • Rental places in Kitely
  • Other Grids also have rental places and sandboxes.
    I use the Kitely listing because it is available on the web.

Is there a steep learning curve?

  • Only if you want to become a skilled creator.  
  • Lots of there are lots of things available as  freebies
  • Freebie places in Kitely
  • You can also buy things  for a few dollars per item.
  • Kitely Market

What do people do in virtual worlds?


What do people do in virtual worlds?

Teach and learn

Write and meet with other writers

Make and sell things

Build and run Model railroads, Model trains, model vehicles


  • Explore Worlds (Kitely) 
  • The page above has a search function for specific search.
  • Firestorm search (in the Firestorm viewer) allows for specific search.
  • It is available in Second Life, Kitely, and maybe on other OpenSim grids.
  • To use it in a grid, press Ctrl+f, select places in the search panel.  

Role play


Hobbies (or other interests)


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