Monday, August 5, 2019

2019 PEOPLE: Finding the funnies: a plan for comedy in 3DWebWorldz.

Finding the funnies: 
a plan for comedy in 3DWebWorldz.  

Summary plan for comedy event  in  3DWebWorldz 

How it works

  • Some of the people bring something funny to the event.
  • Maybe pictures: funny pictures or pictures that call for funny comment
  • (See tutorial above--you just have to upload the images.)
  • Maybe jokes: anyone talks and everyone hears.
  • Maybe funny news items or funny comments on news items.
  • Maybe funny audio clips--speech or sounds.
  • Maybe funny readings, perhaps with funny accents.
  • Maybe something I haven't thought of.
  • We present one item at a time, inviting comment from everyone.
  • We may get video of part of the event for posting on YouTube.
  • Details after the break


General plan

The place

  • 3DWebWorldz offers meeting places on the web.
  • No travel, no traffic. Just click on this web link.
  • No need to register--you can come in as a guest if you want.
  • On the right side of the login screen is an upcoming events button.
  • When an event is live, there will be instructions on how to get there.

The avatars

  • Avatars may be of the kind that can be animated, but they will probably be seated.
  • Seating plan may be U-shaped with slide display at one end.
  • The slides can be viewed directly regardless of the avatar position.

The slides 

  • (Slides? Quaint name, that.)
  • Each person uploads images as .jpgs and makes them available to the MC.
  • The MC puts the images into the presenter.
  • The MC thus determines the order of presentation by editorial judgement.
  • As items are presented, the contributor is not identified by the MC.
  • Anyone can comment on an item, preferably with humor.

The Master of Ceremonies (MC)

  • The MC controls the image presenter advancing to the next image as needed. 
  • The MC  may prompt the dialog with questions or comments.

Sources (searches)

Other uses for this format

  • Student presentations of class projects
  • Art inspired by poems
  • Poems inspired by art
  • Illustrated narration
  • Illustrated audio performance

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