Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 ART: HYPERGRID: Art of the Metaverse. Museo del Metaverso.

Museo del Metaverso.  The art of the Metaverse
Art aggregator:  Museo affords artists an opportunity to display their works in a place with enough content to attract a wide audience. Gives artists and art lovers a place for gatherings about art.  Offers a demonstration of the growing interest in art on the Hypergrid.

  • Each pod-like enclosure contains the work of one participating artist.
  • Each artist has an enclosed display volume. 
  • All artists share in the publicity generated by the Museo
  • The Museo houses the work installations of more than 40 artists.
  • Hypergrid address:
  • Paste the address into the World Map search bar, press enter 
  • Web page (English):  Museo del Metaverso 
  • Curation: Click on Artisti in the top menu.  See bios of the artists.


Be sure you know how to zoom and roam the camera

  • Press and hold down 
  • Alt, press and hold down left mouse key,
  • move the mouse or the scroll wheel.
  • You can move you view quickly from one venue to another.

You will probably want this setting too:

  • PreferencesMove and View (Firestorm tab*) 
  • Allow cameras to move without constraints through prims
  • *The Move and View panel on Firestorm has 3 tabs at the top.   

Be sure you know double-click TP

  • Setting (Firestorm):  Preferences: Move&View (Movement tab)  
  • Double Click on land:  Teleport to clicked point

Information panels

  • Click the panels to get information and landmarks to specific displays
  • Expect a long delay before you get delivery. 
  • Best click when you arrive. Then maybe get them before you need them.
  • Don't expect to get an arrival notice when the landmarks arrive,
  • If you are visiting via hypergrid, landmarks will go into your suitcase
  • Your suitcase. Just what you need to travel the hypergrid
  • Firestorm hops in the article will take you to the exhibits.
What does the hypergrid offer to an art museum?

  • Cost of space low enough to house the work of many artists
  • Items on Opensim can be exported to file, stored in archive 
  • replicated on other grids, and sold to digital art lovers.  

Firestorm hops to the works in this article

  • Firestorm hops to the info panels
  • hop://
  • Copy paste the hop into the top (navigation) bar of the viewer, enter\

  • Wizard Gynoid
  • Geometry of the Sacred
  • hop://
I guess it could be said that an underlying theme of my recent work has been demonstrating that the elegant beauty of complex mathematical/geometric objects can be shown to be "Art" by changing the context in which they are viewed.  
The five Tetrahedrons

  • The Museo del Metaverso was established in Second Life in 2007 by Rosanna Galvani.

Social Media links


  • Machinima--Pallina60Loon
  • hop://

The Museo is a meeting place, where cultures, idioms, and forms of artistic expression can come together. A place where physical and digital art unite to form a bond made of collaboration and cultural exchanges. 
The new Brushes
  • Bruno Cerboni
  • hop://
  • Maddomcx Umino
  • hop://
  • Lost in space
  • Betty Tureaud
  • hop://

  • Many of the works use scripted movement, offering ever-changing shapes
Lost in space
  • The works of DC Spensely
  • hop://

  • hop://
  • The works of DC Spensely
  • Level 5 
  • hop://

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