Friday, February 23, 2018

Web report: Educator Edition: Virtual Libraries and digital smarts February edition

The Web Report: Educator Edition: 
Virtual Libraries and digital smarts
Produced by Valerie Hill, an editor of the Web Report: Educator Edition
February edition of Web Report: Educators.  The potential of virtual libraries; the development of digital smarts: Community Virtual Library (in Second Life) moves to Cookie Island; online communities need libraries.

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    The Community Virtual Library, a project of New Media Arts INC, moved to Cookie Island as a real library in a virtual world. Art Designer Sparkybear Mandelbrot and President Valibrarian Gregg describe the process of moving a virtual library. Visit Library Land at
    The Community Virtual Library on Cookie Island In Second Life (main branch) moved in Jan 2018 to LIBRARY LAND. This machinima shows the book discussion, art study group beach, exhibit area and poetry garden. A networking HUB helps connect virtual world communities. Visit Library Land at

    Online communities need online libraries



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