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2017 EDU: WW: Are educators leaving virtual worlds? Or just going to lower cost places?

Are educators leaving virtual worlds?
Or just going to lower cost places?
An article in Hypergrid Business announces "Educators sour on virtual worlds."    That conclusion may be too sweeping, since the evidence is limited to Second Life, but it is still useful to consider whether virtual worlds are living up to the potential that they once seemed to offer.
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Educators sour on virtual worlds by NUELA ADA · AUGUST 15, 2017

Educators are souring on virtual worlds, as evidenced by declining participation in online forums, in virtual conference attendances and education-related destinations on the Second Life grid.....
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Online education is not losing ground

Activity in Second Life does not represent the metaverse as a whole

  • The data shows a dramatic decline in interest in educational activities in Second Life.
  • But the interest may have shifted to Open Simulator, because of much lower costs.
  • Or departments could run Open Simulator on the college/university computer.
  • The cost might be very small and the department would have complete control over access and management.

Communication among educators seems to be shifting to social media

Educator interpretations 

“Educators still using the environment appear to be those who are comfortable with the environment,” said Kevin Feenan, the founder of the Rockcliffe University Consortium. “What you see now is more selective and targeted use by a smaller sub-set of the educational community.”
Feenan wants more features to support collaboration, event management: share files, images, video, sounds, and links. Feenan also wants  improved import and export capabilities including import and export of collaborative and group work projects.”

Collaboration, file sharing--look to Open Simulator

Why would educators prefer Open Simulator?

  • Lower costs: Kitely offers an area of 16 Sims for $40/month.
  • Better service:  I can talk to the CEO of Kitely if I have a problem.  
  • Exportable: I can save my region to an OAR file and keep it at no cost.
  • Property rights: I have clear title to my work in Kitely.  Check the SL TOS.

The lack of mobile and low-cost support is also a problem

“We need to create virtual world activities that rely on low-cost phones or computers,” said Kurt Winklemann,  an associate professor in the Chemistry Department at Florida Tech. ”

Web-worlds in use





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