Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2017 PEOPLE: IMA: Creating G+ Invites for Open Simulator HyperGrid Events

Creating G+ Invites for Open Simulator 
HyperGrid Events
The OpenSim Community previously used Google invitations to invite people to  events.  Then one of Google's "improvements" in G+  hid the invitation process so well that most of us that most of us couldn't find it.  With a little help from his friends, Shawn Maloney found it and here explains how to use it again. 

Tips and Tricks from Shawn Maloney: How to create G+ Events (Invites) for Open Simulator HyperGrid Events. Following these steps will help you create G+ Events that can be shared or promoted by others to help get the word out about your events!

Set up and send.

  • Go to your G+ profile
  • Click the vertical 3 dots next to About (on the picture, to the right).
  • Click the events option on the panel that appears.  
  • Note that your upcoming events are hidden here.
  • Click Create Event (upper right).
  • Fill in the event options: I recommend allowing guests to invite others.
  • On giving the time, be sure to indicate the time zone that means.
  • Google cannot handle locations in virtual worlds. Try the grid address.
  • In Details, give the HG address.
  • Make it public unless you really want it it be private.
  • Click the Invite button to post it.
  • Note that a public invite will appear on your stream, but not get sent to anyone.

Manage distribution

  • To put it in form for distribution, go to your event page and click on the new event.
  • Copy the url and paste it into your G+ stream.  That form is on your G+ home page.
  • Then go to your profile, find the event, and click the network graphic to send it places.
  • The network graphic is at the bottom right (sidways V).
  • You will get the share options page with one option (probably Public) suggested.
  • You can send it to G+ communities, your circles, or your addresses.
  • The find those options, click on More, More Options, or whatever is like that.
  • (Whatever Google has changed it to when you get there.)

Set image size

  • If you want to post your selected image, you will have to set the size.
  • I use The Gimp (free, open source).

Other uses for your stream

  • When you see a G+ share button on a page, click it to send the page to your stream.
  • I use that to keep track on pages I may want to reference in my blog.
  • Other people follow my stream for recommended reading.
  • When you put useful information on your stream, you give people a reason to follow it.


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