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2013 HELP: Buiding 201. Linking prims into a single object

 Linking prims into a single object
These instructions apply to Linden Lab viewer 3.3+  and possibly to other viewers (Firestorm, etc) using that code base.
Stickman  ready for linking
Click image to enlarge.
You can make elaborate objects by linking prims together.  Here I will walk you through an example.  Stickman above looks intact, but it is just a collection of five prims.  If I wanted it in my inventory I would have to take the prims one at a time.  If I wanted to move it, I would have to move each prim and re-position it.  But I can link the parts so they all stay together as they would if glued.

Edit window, General tab
Link controls annotated
Linking the prims
First you may want to review this page:
Root Prim (of an object).  The center point of the object. The last prim clicked in linking.
To link prims into one object.
  • Get the prims positioned as you want them in the object
  • Decide on the root prim.  This is the last prim clicked
  • Right-click on any prim but the one to be the root prim
  • Select edit, leave the edit window open 
  • Hold down Shift.  Click on each prim in the object, root prim last. 
  • Click the Link button in the edit window 
  • In contrast with glue, linking can connect objects that are not in contact.
  • An ordinary object (non-physical) can have up to 255 prims.
  • Don't expect to link prims more than about 50 meters apart.
  • You unlink the prims an object by selecting it for edit and clicking the unlink button.
  • You can link objects that are made of linked parts.
  • You can select objects for linking in other ways.  

Edit window, General tab
Object linked
To edit a specific prim in a linked set,
  • edit the object,  
  • check the Edit Linked box, 
  • click on the prim you want to edit.  
In this mode, you can move the prim around or alter its contents.  
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