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2013 1stHELP: Live help online most of the time. Phoenix-Firestorm

Live help online. Maybe 24/7.   Phoenix-Firestorm-
I reported a while back about the Phoenix online support group:
Software in social development. Phoenix-
Now the Phoenix developers  have released Firestorm (Viewer 2 Code base) in public beta:
Virtual OutworldingFirestorm Public Beta Tutorial/Orientation Video
More infromation and downloads here:
The support group is now Phoenix/Firestorm Viewer Support.  It is open enrollment, so you can look it up in search and join if you want.
This group has more than 11,500 members. That tells you something about the popularity of Phoenix and Firestorm.  It also suggests that the support group can function as a 24/7 help line.   That is a lot more customer service than Linden Lab can afford.

Virtual OutworldingPhoenix goes s-tech in viewer development ...


Bad news for in-house viewer development projects at Linden Lab.  Personal recommendation and customer service are likely to be main considerations as users select a viewer to try out.  Those considerations could strongly favor Firestorm once it gets past the beta stage.
What happens if Firestorm becomes the viewer of choice on  Second Life?   
Update: It already has become that. 
Maybe not much, at least at first.  Viewer development is not a profit center for LL.  It is a cost center.  A drop in the uptake of  the standard LL viewer (2.x for now) will not affect LL revenues.
 At an annual review the CEO will ask the standard CEO question about cost centers:
"Why are we maintaining this operation?  If the Firestorm people are doing it for free, why don't we close that shop and leave it to the TPVs?"
On the viewer development side there will be several answers:
More web integration:
  • Notecards become web pages.
  • Voice IM shifts to Skype.
Like I been saying:

Virtual OutworldingCreative Collaboration 

 Not just a slogan anymore

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