Sunday, July 31, 2011

2013 ART: Immersive Art, Musical art

The immersive and musical art of Dan Landar
The Labyrinth 
Immersive art indeed.  

You climb the stairs, walk across the top and fall into the labrynth.  A three dimensional labrynth far beyond anything  Daedalus could do.  Ever changing colors.  Surely a challenge for even the best of labrynth runners.

This sign explains everything
if you read French
If you go into the labrynth, be sure you understand how to us teleport to escape.   Jusi in case.
The interior
The walls may change colors
This is the work of  DanOne Landar (danone.landar).  I don't have a permanent location to to give you. I found the labyrinth in the sandbox on Hobo Island.  That was a temporary location in a place where Dan could display it for a while.  I don't know whether Dan will be able to find a permanent location.   
Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen:
Musical art, as Dan calls it as he explains his work:
 I paint some "musical paintings" about the music I like. These paintings does not exist in RL. They can exist only in SL world for two reasons :
- they are digital
- they contain 10 or 20 seconds of music
You can upload sound files to Second Life.  The have to be 10 seconds or less.  You can then put them in an object with a script to play them on some event--in this case a click.  Dan could move to the new browser-on-prim technology and play a file of any length.
 Musical Art I
You will have to visit the place to hear the music, but I thought the "paintings" were interesting. 
 Musical Art II
Musical Art III

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